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Wigs for Mild to Severe Hair Loss or Just for Fun

Shar's Hair & Medical Supplies in Indianapolis, Indiana, offers a range of fantastic hair pieces. We want you to feel confident every day.

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Our Beautiful Hair Products

Whether you are trying out a wig for fun or due to hair loss, Shar's Hair & Medical Supplies provides unique hair replacement products. We offer the most innovative lace wigs and hair pieces available for men and women. With years of expert knowledge in the hair prosthesis industry, we'll design a custom wig or hair unit with the exact specifications that best suit your needs.

Emotional Well-Being

We understand that hair loss is a daunting experience, but there's no need to feel ashamed. With your new wig, you'll look and feel better. You'll save money, and you can change your hairstyle any time with different wigs. Your new wig is a convenient way to look your best each and every day. Contact us and feel the difference that young, healthy, and realistic hair can make.

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Insurance Claims

Complete your insurance claim form and have it signed by your physician. Request that your physician write a prescription for a "full cranial prosthesis" and a letter explaining hair loss and its effects.

The letter should indicate that the need for the prosthesis is not just for cosmetic reasons but for your emotional well-being as well.

These steps are for reference purposes. Remember to follow the procedures outlined by your insurance company to receive the fullest benefits possible. Individual insurance companies as well as the state insurance board may have other or additional steps to complete (each state varies). The following are optional items to include in your submission packet to your insurance company:

» Letter from Your Employer
» Photos of Yourself Without Hair
» A Letter Detailing the Emotional Toll That Your Condition Has Taken On Your Life

Claiming Your Receipt

Notify us about your medical need for alternative hair and we will send you a receipt for a cranial prosthesis. Keep copies of your receipts for your cranial prosthesis, and for haircuts from your stylist should you get your cut to your specification. Send your sales receipts for your cranial prosthesis to your insurance company and enclose a letter stating the necessity of prosthesis.

Possible Denial of Insurance Claim

If your insurance company denies insurance coverage, you can appeal. Never file an insurance claim for a wig. Always call it a cranial prosthesis. If you don't have insurance, contact your state or county agencies.

The county department of social services usually offers medical assistance in most states for individuals who meet certain income guidelines.

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