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Mastectomy Garments

After mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction surgery you may need a breast prosthesis or balance form to achieve symmetry. Symmetry is not only important to how you look, but it is critical for your long-term posture and back health. Balance forms used with a pocketed bra will give you symmetry if your surgery leaves you uneven, or if over time you need lift. Prostheses can be used in place of your breast. We carry many sizes, shapes, weights and colors so you can find exactly what works best for your unique situation. Shar's Medical Supplies also offer specially made swim prostheses and those made with special cooling material to minimize discomfort. And insurance companies often pay for a new prosthesis or balance form every two years. We will file your Insurance claim for you.

mastectomy bra abc form kit soft shape seamless

Wigs and Natural Hair

Beautiful wigs, head scarfs, and hats will help make you feel like yourself during treatments. Wigs are often covered by insurance and many of our customers bring their friends to help them chose a 'wig wardrobe'. We also have hats and scarves for all occasions and seasons.

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Therapeutic Shoes

Therapeutic Shoes

Shar's Medical Supplies offer a variety of therapeutic shoes with comfort, style, and quality in mind. We also have slippers and diabetic socks available for your extended comfort. We will file your claim with Medicare and Medicaid insurance.

Adult Changing Table

At Shars Medical Supplies we are distributors of adult changing tables - providing patients and caregivers with a secure, foldable space for changing disabled, elderly, and special needs individuals. Built to provide optimum comfort to patients while minimizing risk of injury to caregivers, Shars Medical Supplies adult changing tables are the pinnacle of ergonomic design and innovative technology.
Adult changing tables are the perfect addition to any caregiving facility, such as hospitals, nursing or retirement homes, rehabilitation clinics, schools, and private homes. Whether youre seeking to install an adult changing table in your home or business, Shar's Medical Supplies will gladly assist you in selecting the best option for your needs. We offer a wide-range of adult changing tables, with many streamlined features that save time and keep you organized.

Adult Changing Table